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Revolutions start from the bottom

Updated: Mar 24

Yesterday I hit ‘send’ on an email approving my book to go to print.

In that moment, there was a medley of thoughts running through my head. Here are just some, for your entertainment. Excuse my unfiltered French!


“Oh shit!”

“Thank God. For better or worst, it’s done and out”

“Is it good enough? What if people think it’s crap?”

"Who cares what people think. I believe what I wrote about. I have ideas I want to share. What people do with those ideas is entirely up to them”.

“Why did I do this? What if it’s all been a royal waste of time and a misguided indulgence on my part?”

“Hah! You know why you did this. It’s been eating away at you. You believe in this shit and you needed to find an outlet to put your thoughts out in the world in a fully comprehensive way”.

And there it is. I did need to write this book. I needed to write this book because I have this crazy vision of a better world.

A world where corporate greed makes way for a more balanced, sustainable model of business.

A world where business cares about their impact on people and planet. A sensible, rational world, where we look after the very planet that gives us life and we ensure fairer equity for our fellow human beings.

No, I’m not that weirdo rocking themselves in the corner of the room. I stand tall and hopeful amongst a growing number of people around the world who hold the same beliefs. I stand proud alongside an ever-growing number of businesses who also hold similar beliefs.

Last night I went to a film screening. Patagonia in Manly were celebrating the launch of Patagonia Provisions, their new range of sustainable food products, with a screening of “Unbroken Ground” a film that explains the critical role that food will play in the next frontier of our efforts to solve the environmental food crisis.

Yes, Patagonia, the apparel retailer are now in the food business too. And why not? They consider themselves an environmental company, not an apparel retailer. That is core to their business and their brand identity. And they walk the talk. As their past initiatives, like “Worn Wear” have shown, Patagonia don’t feel the need to abide to the structured rules that many other companies religiously cling onto. They’re rule breakers. Revolutionaries.

As their founder, Yvon Chouinard says "I've always believed that we need a revolution in this society. Revolutions start from the bottom. They never start from the top."

So here’s to revolutions that start from the bottom. To the people and the businesses that believe that we can do better. And who care enough to do something about it. They're the very people I want to work with, associate with and partner with.

My book “Path to Purpose” is a book for business leaders who want to build purpose-led brands; brands that stand for something beyond profit.

Is it revolutionary? You tell me. Could it help those people and businesses that want to see business evolve in a more positive and sustainable way? I certainly hope so.

It’s a book that shares the idea that brands that behave with purpose; that act to contribute positively to the world; and that empower their customers, consumers and employees to collaborate with them in that impact - those brands will find themselves naturally on a path to purpose.

Through their actions, rather than their words, they’ll attract followers, fans and supporters. They’ll drive profit through purpose and ultimately they will do well by doing good.

Path to Purpose by Carolyn Butler-Madden launches mid-October and will be available on Amazon, Booktopia and other online book retail sites. For more information visit

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