Client Testimonials


Nikki Beaumont -

CEO/Founder of Beaumont People

Nina Mapson Bone- 

Managing Director of Beaumont People

We brought in Carolyn from The Cause Effect to help us solve a problem of clearly identifying and articulating our purpose and vision. What I'm still blown away with is how, after many years of me struggling with our vision, our purpose, in a three hour workshop we pretty much managed to nail it. Well, we didn't nail it, to be fair, Carolyn nailed it.

The work that we did with Carolyn Butler-Madden has been even more crucial to us now and we were blown away with how good it was before. It really set us up to help continue on that path and help make a difference at a time that it's most needed in the world.


Patricia Occelli - CEO of Interrelate 

We wanted to create new opportunities, we wanted to enable a greater income source to come into the organization as well and we wanted to have a value add through that process. What Carolyn was able to do for us was a number of different things. What we're finding now is that we've got an increased skillset, we're having a snowball effect in terms of traction with community partners, sponsors around our brand and the future is looking really, really positive and that's thanks to Carolyn and her level of investment in us as an organization. 

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Julia Braun - General Manager Marketing, Beiersdorf Australia

The expert  guidance and  support of “The Cause Effect” and specifically Carolyn Butler-Madden has been fundamental in bringing our over 10 year ongoing active partnership with the Sister2sister charity (a mentoring program for at risk teenage girls) to the next level via a multi media fundraising campaign.


This included valuable advice on strategy and development of a social purpose statement as well as donation activation (creative / website / promotion) and leverage opportunities via partners.


Carolyn has been an exceptional partner, collaborator and advisor to our and the agency team throughout the campaign development process and beyond. With Cause Marketing being such a specialised, complex territory her guidance and ideas have been invaluable.


Thank you, Carolyn!

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Jo Asquith - CEO of Catalyst Education 

One of the real benefits of working with Carolyn is that she listened to what the needs of the organization was. She did an enormous amount of impressive research on our organization and brought it back to the table. For me as CEO having 18 people committing three days to a workshop I wanna come out with the absolute best and Carolyn brought the very best out of each and every one of us.

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Roxanie Hibbins - Learning & Development Designer

The thing that I think resonates for everyone is that we now have a social purpose and that we can see that we have the potential to be change agents, to have a ripple effect. And Carolyn has made that so easy for the whole business to step through. So she's extraordinary what she does, incredibly warm and empathic, and it was an absolute delight to have her work with us to formulate something that will guide us for the next 10 years or more to come.

Dianne Hamer - CEO Castle Personnel

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We engaged Carolyn Butler-Madden to develop our Brand Blueprint in Oct to Nov 2018. I had just started as the new CEO and we were in the midst of implementing a new contract with a new focus on customer choice and control, which for the first time meant we needed to market to attract customers – having previously been guaranteed market share as part of the contract. In addition the number of service providers increased from 5 to up to 15 so much there is more competition for customers.

We needed to identify our competitive advantage and what differentiates our service and worked with Carolyn to do this.

Carolyn spoke to some of our customers and staff to gain their feedback, did a desktop review of our competitors and ran two workshops with the Executive Leadership team. Carolyn also reviewed some rebranding work we had done previously with a third party organisation.

From this we were able to develop our brand blueprint. What was really amazing was that Carolyn was able to come up with a new vision, purpose and brand promise, social purpose statement and values which the Executive leadership team loved and was in line with our thinking.

Everyone enjoyed the process and guidance from Carolyn.

We are very happy with the end result and from this were able to develop our marketing strategy and strategy to update our website and social media campaigns.

Carolyn was a delight to work with, very accommodating and passionate and extremely professional. She worked very quickly and turned this project around in a very short timeframe – for a good price and Carolyn even offered some free advice on the next steps!

Everyone in the Executive Leadership team enjoyed the process. And what’s more, when we held our roadshows with staff to launch our new vision, purpose and values the staff loved them and said they resonated with them. This means Carolyn got it right. We are now rolling these out across our company.


Based on our experience I am very happy to recommend Carolyn and hope to be able to continue to work with her.

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Kim Maine- CEO BASic Bookkeepers

Having been recently inspired to implement a strategy to “Change Lives everyday just by doing what we do” I was faced with ‘ye olde’ dilemma – what a brilliant idea, but how can we embed this ideal into our company’s DNA? How do we engage and inspire our staff and clients to join us on the amazing path?
The challenge we had was threefold; how do we align our social contributions strategically with our business and brand, how can we leverage and engage our staff and customers to connect with - and support - our purpose, and finally how can we scale our social commitment into the future?
Having known Carolyn was passionately committed to helping businesses uncover and create their own unique social purpose, I sought her advice on to how we could approach these challenges.
As a consequence, Carolyn developed and led a half-day workshop with our leadership team to help us discover our Social Purpose sweet spot. The results of this workshop were then delivered to all our staff. Under her guidance, we not only achieved a strategy that meets all our objectives but also one that engages, inspires and excites our entire team.
While this is just stage one in our implementation programme, we are thrilled with our progress and excited for the future. Without Carolyn’s help we would not have; a clear understanding of our social purpose, how we can impact the world in a positive way by doing what we do, or how to inspire others with our endeavours. I would highly recommend Carolyn and The Cause Effect to anyone seeking help and inspiration to create a Social Purpose and Impact strategy for their business. 


Emma Small- Co-founder of Risk Managed


Doreen Brown, Founder, CEO Specialist

"I joined the Social Purpose Sweetspot program this year and walked away with a new found clarity about my business, brand and purpose.

Having access to insights, knowledge and a wealth of experience has provided me with new perspectives and the ability to apply changes to my foundations.

The program was well structured, had practical application components, so you have all the tools you need to make your purpose clear.

Thank you for letting me be part of this Carolyn! Your support throughout the process was incredible."


Anna Sheppard - Bambuddha Founder

Jo Ryan-Palencio, Co-Founder - El Terreno

'If you want to connect what lights you up personally with a profitable consumer driven business strategy understand Brand Purpose. Our business plan and positioning felt stale, unconvincing and tired. After one month of working with Carolyn it has all clicked together and I am energised from a business and personal perspective. It is your license to operate in today´s market.'