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This 3-hour workshop brings clarity and aligns leadership teams behind a meaningful purpose-driven approach to achieve organisational success. ​The outcomes delivered through the workshop enable leaders to kick-start the engine of their purpose agenda.

Gain Clarity & Alignment

Understand the fundamental role of Purpose in driving organisational strategy and contributing to long-term success

Cultivate Purpose-Driven Leadership

Explore the qualities and actions that characterise truly purpose-driven leaders and learn what it takes to embody these traits

Plan Your
Path Forward

Identify actionable steps to align your organisation with a purpose-driven culture, fostering engagement and commitment among your people

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The Challenges Leaders Are Facing

Through our collective work and many conversations with organisational leaders, we've identified three of the biggest barriers preventing them from connecting an organisations's people to its purpose.

Barrier #1:

Conflicting levels of understanding of the value and role of purpose in your organisation.

Your leadership team are not on the same page.

Barrier #2:

The leadership team themselves are not yet truly connected to and driven by the organisation's purpose.

Leaders are not leading on purpose.

Barrier #3:

Employees are uninspired by the organisation's purpose. They lack belief in it.

Employees are disconnected from the organisation's purpose.

These barriers are consequential in nature. The first leads to the second, leads to the third.

Organisations that don't do the deeper work to overcome these barriers will always be limited in how purpose-driven they can become and will never be able to fulfil their potential to profit with purpose.

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By Addressing These Barriers We Can Move Forward With Confidence And Clarity

By bringing your leadership team together through this workshop, we achieve the following

Outcome #1:

Leadership team clarity on the value of purpose; and alignment on the role that purpose will play within your organisation. 

Establish a pathway to a purpose agenda.

Outcome #2:

Your leaders start to walk the talk.

They lead the purpose agenda within their departments and teams.


Outcome #3:

Your people see evidence of Purpose in Action from your leaders. This builds trust and belief in the organisation's intent to lead with purpose. 

Employees support and contribute to the purpose agenda.

This is the deeper cultural work that is vital to embedding purpose meaningfully into an organisation.

Our PURPOSE IGNITION workshop has been developed to tackle the first barrier of the three and to provide the clarity, alignment and action that is necessary to start building a powerful purpose-driven culture.


Who Is The Workshop For?

Australian organisational leaders or team leaders who are committed to building a purpose-driven organisation. You believe people are the key to organisational success and you want to unleash their full potential so the organisation can achieve its full potential. The workshop is relevant to leaders of B2C and B2B organisations. It is also relevant to Non Profit Organisations and Social Enterprises who can identify the same challenges in their organisations, highlighted above.

Workshop Format & Deliverables

A face-to-face 3 hour boardroom workshop that tackles the first of the 3 key barriers to Purpose-driven leadership – conflicting understanding of the role of Purpose from different members of the leadership team. You provide the boardroom and your team, we will facilitate the workshop outcomes:

Do You Identify With These Statements?

We have a purpose but...

Our leadership are not on the same page

Our leaders are not 'leading' on Purpose

Our people are uninspired by our Purpose


  • 3 hour boardroom-style workshop at your premises

  • 2 expert facilitators

  • Pre-work questionnaire and/or planning meeting to refine the agenda

  • Documented outcomes and action plan

  • Post workshop meeting to ensure clarity on next steps

Standard Pricing
$6,750 +GST
Limited Offer*
$3,500 +GST

*This offer is limited to 3 Organisations.

First come, first served

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As Chief Purpose Activist of her B Corp Certified Consultancy, The Cause Effect, Carolyn believes in a world where business is a force for good and brands drive profit through purpose. An inspiring speaker, award-winning author, podcast host, and contributor to media publications including Forbes Australia, CEO World Magazine, Marketing, Smart Company and Women’s Agenda; Carolyn’s mission is to make meaningful purpose vital in business. Her first book, Amazon bestseller, Path To Purpose, was Australia’s first on Cause Marketing. Her second book “For Love & Money” was awarded best Social Responsibility book in the 2022 Australian Business Book of the Year Awards. 30 years’ international experience creating successful and internationally awarded marketing campaigns for some of the world’s best brands, provides the backdrop to her Purpose career. She owned and ran two agencies in Sydney before quitting the agency world to pursue her passion for purpose-led business. Today, through consulting, workshops, and keynotes, Carolyn empowers leaders to embrace purpose-driven strategies, unleashing the full potential of their people, organisations and brands; and shaping a future where business is a force for good and purpose is integral to its success.

Carolyn Butler-Madden

Phil is the founder of WhyThisNow, helping leaders, teams and organisations thrive in challenging conditions with purpose-driven strategies and collaborative solutions. Following a successful corporate career where he led high-performance teams, Phil set up his own business and has been assisting organisations with complex challenges for more than 15 years. He was invited to Boston by Harvard Business School leaders in the business purpose field and gained prominence authoring case studies and the book, Connecting Profit with Purpose, and was recently quoted in the AFR report on purpose in business. Phil’s since worked with the likes of BlueScope, Challenger, IAG, JLL, NRMA and QBE, and a wide range of nonprofit and government entities. From a project perspective, he’s helped sponsors of complex multi-sector projects achieve buy-in with critical stakeholder groups, including Just Reinvest (Bourke), the Wagga Wagga Local Employment Initiative and packaging industry peak body, APCO. As a speaker, he has a warm and engaging style, injecting humour and actionable takeaways for audience members. His topic areas include increasing resilience and growth, purpose-driven work cultures, high impact leadership and collaborative success.. His services also include planning and strategy sessions, team building, tune-ups and trouble-shooting, purpose exploration workshops, stakeholder engagement assistance and advanced problem solving techniques. The purpose of his own work is to help leaders, teams and organisations elevate their performance and impact so they contribute to a healthy planet with shared prosperity. Chocolate is his kryptonite and you’ll often find him running the tracks and trails in Bulli, one hour south of Sydney, Australia.

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Phil Preston


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What Clients Say About Phil

"You’ve done an exceptional job, valuable personally and in terms of what we can do collectively"
~ Executive GM, Australian Unity

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