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You’ve no doubt heard of #GSD – Get Sh*t Done – a popular term in business circles.

Here at The Cause Effect, we're championing another acronym … #DGS – Do Good Sh*t!!

Covid-19 has created a wave of "acts of goodness" in the business world. Businesses are stepping up in a myriad of ways to help the vulnerable.


But many businesses and brands were doing good long before the pandemic. Some in big ways, some small. Some strategically driven, others tactically. Here, we capture the many stories we hear about, of businesses and brands doing good in the world. 


Our hope is to provide business leaders/marketers/influencers with inspiration and ideas on how they can meet the challenge of a world that needs business to become a force for good.


We also we hope that by sharing with you as consumers - by making you aware of those brands that are doing some good - you then have the choice of whether to support them.


We hope you do, because the more that businesses see that doing good is good for business, the more good they will do.

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