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If you're a business leader or senior marketer navigating the purpose maze, Path To Purpose will unlock the secrets of brands doing well by doing good.

In Australia's first book on cause marketing, discover:

  • Why doing good is good for business

  • The science behind cause marketing

  • Fourteen real-life examples of world-class cause marketing strategies from Pampers, Patagonia, Dulux, Virgin Mobile, ANZ, Zambrero, REI and more.

  • A simple six-step methodology to develop and implement a powerful and authentic cause marketing approach for your brand.

Path to Purpose Book_ Cause Marketing

This book addresses three common problems facing many

business leaders and brand marketers today...

1. Lack of brand differentiation 

In today's media-fractured environment, it is becoming more and more difficult to seize the attention of consumers. If your brand doesn't have a compelling brand proposition or something to clearly differentiate it, then it doesn't stand for anything in the hearts and minds of consumers, which means there's little reason for consumers to choose your brand over your competitors.

2. Lack of short-term sales
The number crunchers are on your back and you're likely in a cycle of pricing or value offers. This is eroding your brand value and making it difficult to build a brand of any substance.

3. People and culture
Fast becoming recognised as a crucial part of the marketing mix, most CEOs and CMOs realise that a disengaged workforce will affect customer experience, making it increasingly harder to deliver a believable brand promise.

Cause marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build brand differentiation, increase sales, inspire & unify staff AND create social impact, but so many businesses don’t know about it and even when they do, they don’t know how to approach it and they’re fearful about getting it wrong.

Path to Purpose takes the fear out of cause marketing. By showcasing a wide range of examples of brands doing well by doing good, the book offers plenty of inspiration. Backed up with a simple and clear methodology to optimising a cause marketing approach, it arms the reader with the key information they need to move forward with a cause marketing strategy.

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