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Carolyn Butler- Madden

The For Love & Money Podcast is a show where business and social purpose meet to inspire a movement for positive change – business as a force for good; brands driving profit through purpose. 

The two essential ingredients we explore through our podcast interviews? 

Firstly, Love. Love of our home planet; of humanity; people; culture. Love of what you do and why you do it. The love that employees, customers and clients have of a business built on love. 

Secondly, Money. Yes, profit. We explore how purpose drives profit. Also how being profitable allows purposeful businesses to scale their impact. 

The objective of the show is all about inspiration. We want to help our listeners to answer the question so many of them have in their minds: 

How do I build a purpose-led business in a way that is meaningful, profitable and inspires me and everyone in the organisation to use our business as a force for good? 


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