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Goodbye "Sunday Lunch". Hello "The Cause Effect"

I am really excited to introduce my business to you under its new name...

We're a marketing consultancy that specialises in enabling businesses to "do well by doing good".  By defining a brand’s social purpose and marketing it to create social impact, we help our clients capture the hearts and minds of their people and customers, energising their business in the process.

It's a powerful strategy that delivers on some very specific business needs: 

it differentiates their brand, attracts customers and inspires and unifies their people.

All this while using their business to create positive social impact.

That’s what we call “the cause effect”.

And what we do is to help businesses achieve it.

We have some pretty strong beliefs here that underpin what we do at The Cause Effect.

We believe that business can and should be a force for good, but more than that - we believe in a future where brands and marketing drive profit through purpose.

By supporting a cause, brands have an opportunity to signal their values and what they stand for and attract their "people like us". Not just by giving money to a cause, but by becoming educators, facilitators and collaborators for change, alongside their employees and customers.

Brands that are doing this - leading with an authentic and credible social purpose - are thriving. You'll know some - Patagonia, Dove, Ben & Jerry's, Zambrero, Airbnb and Koala. But there are many more - big and small - that are walking their own path to purpose and carving out a bright future for their businesses and the world.

We're on a mission to put social purpose on the business agenda.

Our goal is to inspire and excite you about the opportunity for your business! We'll do this by sharing the stories of businesses and brands that are doing well by doing good, along with insights, resources and methodologies to help you put your business on a path to purpose. 

So here's to a brighter future and to energising business through social purpose. 

Enjoy your weekend and remember - doing good is good for business.

And if you're not doing any good...what are you doing?

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