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The Book I Knew I Had To Write

Almost four years ago, my first book “Path To Purpose” was launched. It was about how to use cause marketing to build a more meaningful and profitable brand.

I was excited, as any first-time author is, but even as I wrote that book, something interesting happened. I realised it wasn’t ‘the’ book I wanted to write. I also realised cause marketing was not the thing I wanted to be ‘my’ cause.

I knew though, that it was the book that I had to write first. It was a step forward on my path to purpose.

Where was it leading?

I could see my destination very clearly. Marketing was just one part of it. It was, of course, the business of social purpose. I wanted to help leaders understand what meaningful purpose means today. Why social purpose has become such a powerful movement; what has driven it and why this movement is only going to become stronger. Most importantly, I wanted to help them embed meaningful purpose into their business in a way that ensured it was vital to their business success

Back then, while I was writing my first book and in the four years since, I have spoken to hundreds of people in business. I’ve learnt that there are some deep misconceptions about what it means to be a “purpose-led business”. Far too many business leaders are getting purpose statements written, ticking the box and declaring themselves a purpose-led organisation. Full stop, job done. They could not be further from the truth. They have missed the point of what it means to be driven by a higher purpose and they are missing out on the incredible opportunities that truly purposeful organisations enjoy.

The last five years have been a gift for me, as well as a roller coaster.

I’ve been able to pursue something I feel incredibly passionate about, but it hasn’t been easy. I had to start from scratch and that meant giving up earning good money doing what I have always done. Marketing.

Starting from scratch on a path less travelled meant financial hardship, not just for me, but for my family. It meant walking into the unknown; unsure of where it was going to lead to. It meant anxiety, wondering if I was ever going to emerge out of the shadows and even if I did, would it be soon enough so we didn’t lose our home and everything I’d previously worked for.

There were times people asked me why I was doing this when I could go and earn good money back in the world of marketing. I knew that was the rational thing to do, but my heart was pulling me with such conviction towards this other path.

Despite the difficult times, I never doubted that what I was doing was the right thing for me to do. That’s the thing about being inspired by a higher purpose. It’s emotional. Emotion inspires you to be more ambitious than you might otherwise be. It inspires you to overcome obstacles. It inspires agility, resourcefulness and resilience.

In time, things started falling into place. People started to listen and act. We emerged from the shadows.

And now, today I’m so excited to share some news with you.

My second book – the one I knew I had to write four years ago – launches next month and I couldn’t wait to give you a sneak peak. It is a culmination of the experience, knowledge and insights I’ve gained over the last five years, built on the foundations of a thirty-year career in marketing.

For Love & Money offers clarity on the most recent evolution of organisational purpose. It equates the demand for purpose in business with social purpose. Business as a force for good. Sharing inspiration from businesses such as Intrepid Travel, Outland Denim, Patagonia, Unilever, PayPal and Future Super, this book makes a powerful connection between the two things that drive social purpose-led businesses (which are inextricably linked):

LOVE. Of people, planet and humanity. It’s the raw emotion behind purpose.

And MONEY. Profit and commercial success.

Why are they interlinked? Because when purpose drives profit, it offers the ability to play a bigger game; to be ambitious in the change you seek to create over the long term. Meanwhile you build a meaningful business for everyone involved; you attract passionately invested employees, customers, partners, suppliers and investors; and you build trust, the currency of a valued business.

But wait. That’s not all. There’s a podcast too!

For Love & Money Podcast

I interviewed some incredible business leaders for the book and I realised I had an opportunity to deepen the experience for readers by launching a podcast. The podcast interviews are not just a copy of what I wrote in the book. The two complement each other, but of course, each can also be enjoyed alone.

The podcast also allowed me to indulge my desire to share more stories of inspiration. A book can only go so far, right?

So the podcast allows me to continue the conversation and the inspiration.

Today, I’m really excited to share the pilot episode with you. It’s only a short one, but it will let you know what you can expect from the upcoming interviews – and we’ve got some very special ones in the pipeline.

You can subscribe to the For Love & Money Podcast on your favourite listening apps.

Look out for next week’s episode, my interview with Geoff Manchester, co-founder of Intrepid Travel, whose purpose is to be the best travel company FOR the world.

I hope you enjoy listening to the episodes as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. Please let me know what you think by sharing your comments.

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