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Updated: Aug 22, 2019

NRMA Insurance are providing home insurance for koalas.

Yep, you read right. Koalas!

They have teamed up with Conservation Volunteers Australia in a 3 year partnership to help preserve vital koala habitat.

As part of their partnership, NRMA will plant a koala-friendly tree for every new home insurance policy sold until the end of this year, in NSW and Queensland. 

The campaign is designed to tackle the problems facing koala habitat and the impacts of climate change. According to Conservation Volunteers website…

“Deforestation, bushfires and climate change are all contributing to the loss of koala habitat in NSW and Queensland. At the current rate, wild koalas could be gone from these areas by 2050. Without their homes, koalas simply won’t exist”

The partnership has been brought to life in a campaign created by The Monkeys, as part of an integrated agency group with CHE Proximity, Havas, Mindshare and Thinkerbell. 

The ad - you can see the 15 second version here - features Arlo, an 18-month-old koala, who has reportedly become the highest paid debut commercial actor in Australia this year (but is donating his “fee” to Conservation Volunteers Australia, so they can protect more koala homes)!

NRMA and Conservation Volunteers are also inviting Australians to get directly involved

By chatting to their messenger bot Arlo, they can ask questions to understand the threats betterBy planting a treeBy getting involved with one of CVA’s tree planting events.

We love this cause marketing campaign for a whole lot of reasons:

- It’s strategically aligned to NRMA’s brand – “Help is who we are”.

- It’s also beautifully aligned to NRMA’s home insurance product, which exists to protect Australian's homes.

- Who doesn’t love a koala? An Australian brand supporting an Australian icon just feels good!

- They’re not just giving a donation to their cause partner, they’re also educating Australians on the threat facing koalas and they’re inviting them to take direct action and making it easy for them do so.


They’ve got a social impact goal; a measurement – to plant over 60,000 trees by the end of this year across six priority locations

This partnership and campaign is about action, collaboration and impact. 

Given it’s a campaign, the goal is short-term. What will be interesting to see is if NRMA decide to go a step further and adopt a longer-term Social Purpose strategy and commitment.

That will potentially depend on the results of this campaign.

- Will it increase their sales of home insurance? - Will it improve their brand health measures around trust? - Will their employees get involved in tree planting and will it make them feel more committed to the business they work for?

Let’s hope NRMA see the dial move at good levels on this campaign. I suspect they will.


Some BIG news came out of the USA yesterday.

The Business Roundtable which represents the largest US companies, have released a new statement of corporate purpose to replace their old one.

The old statement, drafted in 1997 put shareholders first, above all other stakeholders. Totally aligned with Milton Friedman’s view that the sole responsibility of business is to engage in activities designed to increase its profits and deliver shareholder return.

The new statement which you can read here is 300 words long and doesn’t mention shareholders until word 250! Before that, the statement refers to “delivering value to our customers”, “investing in our employees”, “dealing fairly and ethically with suppliers,” “supporting the communities in which we work,” and “protecting the environment.”

This development has major implications; not just for the USA but here in Australia and globally.

Watch this space...

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