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Are You Dreaming Big?

Updated: May 1, 2019

Have you heard of US brand “Me & The Bees Lemonade”?

Their CEO, Mikaila Ulmer is 14! She started a lemonade stand when she was 4 years old, based on a recipe from her great grandmother, but used honey instead of sugar.

Mikaila apparently got stung by bees and her parents encouraged her to learn about them rather than fearing them. Once she understood their crucial role in pollination and our ecosystem and their risk of extinction, she started donating money from her lemonade sales to protect them. Today 10% of profits are donated to bee conservation groups.

Great proposition: the drink is healthier AND saves the bees.

Supported by her parents, the business grew. They secured an $11 million distribution deal through Whole Foods and are now selling 360,000 bottles a year.

Juggling her school work, Mikaila’s CEO duties include doing workshops about bees and media interviews.

So much to be learned from Mikaila’s success, but I think she sums it up perfectly: "Dream big, and not only dream big, but also dream like a kid. When a kid has a dream and they want it to come true, they will do whatever it takes to do so. They don't see the obstacles in the way, they will just fight hard to make it come true.”

What a great question for all of us.

So I ask you. Are you dreaming big enough? Are are you dreaming like a kid?

Remember. Doing good is good for business. So if you're not doing any good... what are you doing?

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