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Where does your organisation sit on the Purpose Maturity Curve?

What does it mean for the mid- to long-term prospects of your business?

Within Australian businesses there exists a lack of awareness amongst some executive leadership teams and boards about the criticality of serving a higher societal purpose beyond profit.


Being "purposeful" does not mean piecemeal purpose through HR departments. Nor does it mean the occasional marketing campaign, or even a siloed ESG strategy. These efforts mark stepping stones on a path to purpose, but too many businesses stop there, thinking that is enough. This is because of their leaders' lack of understanding of market expectations of purpose today.

The risk this poses to these businesses over the next few years cannot be understated.

Loss of trust.

Loss of confidence.

Loss of quality employees.

Loss of market share.

The Purpose Maturity Clinic has been developed for business leadership teams and boards; to bring an understanding of the market forces that are driving the movement of purpose-led business and what this means for their business, in the short, medium and long-term.

Ready to unlock the power of purpose through a meaningful strategy?

This 2 hour Boardroom Workshop will remove friction and

create momentum through the following outcomes.

1. Understand what it means to be "purposeful" and the benefits it brings

2. Understand the different stages of the Purpose Maturity Curve

- the opportunities and limitations of each stage

3. Identify where your organisation sits on the Purpose Maturity Curve

4. Get clarity on what it takes to move forward

5. Alignment of your leadership stakeholders

- build support and momentum for activating a meaningful purpose strategy


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Pamela Siobhain Bishop


Recipient of the 2022 Game Changer Award I Purpose-driven business leader I Responsible business advocate I Chief Operating Officer (COO) I Non-Executive Director (NED) I

The Marketing Academy Alumni

"I have been fortunate to work closely with Carolyn from The Cause Effect these past 9 months on an important piece of work for Blooms The Chemist. We undertook the Path to Purpose program which resulted in us launching our first brand purpose statement, and more importantly – we’re now working hard to embed our purpose throughout the organisation, and become a truly purposeful business.

Carolyn inspires companies to do better by sharing examples of what great looks like. She presents highly relevant data to highlight how customers and employees are expecting more from companies, and that businesses who do good, do much better!

Carolyn is engaging and deeply passionate about balancing purpose with profit. She helps companies think differently, see the new way forward, and avoid the pitfall of “business as usual.”

On a personal note, I have found Carolyn to be an absolute inspiration and appreciate how she always challenges me to “think big.” I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and believe I have become a better leader and person as a result.

If you’re on a purpose journey in your organisation, I couldn't recommend The Cause Effect and the Path to Purpose program highly enough."

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