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Carolyn Butler- Madden
Posted on October 10, 2022
Chief Purpose Activist at
The Cause Effect, on 

“People Like Us”

Welcome to Episode 25 of the FLAM podcast.


For regular listeners of this podcast, you may remember an earlier episode (Episode 14) where I read a chapter from my book “FOR LOVE & MONEY How to profit with purpose and grow a business with love”


We had some great feedback on that episode so we thought we would do it again!


I’ve selected a chapter that covers a subject I speak a lot about. It is also the starting point for any work we do with clients when helping them uncover the higher purpose of their business.


We don’t start with WHY. Much as I love and respect the work of Simon Sinek and much as I value his approach to purpose using the golden circle… today, understanding your unique organisational identity is essential to finding your way to a meaningful why; a social purpose. This is why we start with WHO.  


Acknowledgement to Seth Godin whose phrase “People Like Us” I use to describe this part of the process.  It is such a perfect way to frame the part of our WHO that really matters when it comes to building a purpose-led business and brand.


Some of the themes we cover in this episode:


  • Who are we but the stories we tell ourselves?

  • “People like us” believe things like this

  • Why it’s important to get clear on your “people like us”

  • Defining your “people like us” – I share examples from some purpose-led businesses


I hope you enjoy the reading of this chapter. If you do and you’d like to buy the FOR LOVE & MONEY book,  it’s available at all the major online book stores and some retail book stores in Australia. Some links below:

Buy direct from our website

Buy from

Buy from

Buy from Booktopia

Buy from Book Depository


For every book sold we protect one square metre of rainforest through our partnership with B1G1 Business for Good and our impact partner, Rainforest Rescue.


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