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Carolyn Butler- Madden
Posted on March 31, 2022
Chief Purpose Activist
at The Cause Effect

We decided to do something a little different for this podcast episode. Instead of interviewing a guest, I read a chapter from my book FOR LOVE & MONEY. How to profit with purpose and grow a business with love.


The chapter I selected is: The Purpose of Business Part II


What is the purpose of business? Surely by now, we can get beyond the idea that the purpose of business is to make money. The evidence is clear that trickle-down economics has not delivered what it promised. 


This chapter shares a picture of what business can be, when we unlock its full potential. When business serves a meaningful higher purpose, that is when it will capture the hearts and minds of people. That is when it will realise its true and full potential.


I share a story, a personal experience with a client, that demonstrates the potential that people can bring to a business when they’re emotionally invested in the outcomes that they’re trying to achieve. 


The other themes highlighted in this short episode include:

  • Human endeavour and identity – the role our identity, our narrative plays in the choices we make and how we show up

  • Emotions drive superpower – how when we care enough about something, that’s when we can realise our own full potential

  • Changing the system – I share my thoughts on what we can change

  • What are the needs we are solving as businesses? How vital are they?


I hope you enjoy this episode. If you do, you can get the book here. 


For every book sold we protect one square metre of rainforest through our partnership with B1G1 Business for Good and our impact partner, Rainforest Rescue.


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