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Posted on September 29, 2021
My guest on Episode 4 of the For Love & Money Podcast is Simon Sheikh founder of Australia’s first fossil fuel free super fund, Future Super.

Before starting Future Super, Simon led GetUp for six years. Getup is a member based independent movement to build a progressive Australia and bring participation back into our democracy. 


In 2014, Simon co-founded Future Super with his business partner Adam Verwey. The company has a rapidly growing member base and is successfully disrupting the Australian superannuation industry, by proving there is demand for high-impact, sustainable investments.  


This interview delivers some great insights for those interested in how to navigate their path to purpose. Future Super’s clarity of purpose is second-to-none. They consider themselves more a movement for change than a business. The discussion was wide-ranging but reveals Future Super’s depth of purpose. Here are some of the topics we covered. 


  • Simon’s view on the role of love and empathy in business

  • Why Simon and his business partner Adam Verwey started Future Super 

  • Future Super’s theory of change. (It’s simple, but super powerful)

  • The financial argument for ethical superannuation investments

  • The shared narrative of the type of people who are Future Super members

  • Where the large players of the superannuation industry are investing (I suspect you’re going to be shocked at one of these) 

  • The move to transparency and what this will mean to the superannuation industry

  • Future Super’s investment performance and why ethical investments have lower volatility than non-ethical investments

  • How the “employee value proposition” has changed and how purpose and identity are central to competition for people

  • The #notbusinessasusual campaign

  • Future Super’s unique “for-purpose” ownership model

  • The similarities and differences between building a not-for-profit organisation and a purpose-led for-profit business


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Future Super Website

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