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Posted on May 1st 2023
Author of "Brave Women Write" and "The Purpose Project" 

Carolyn Tate is a writer, educator and speaker and the author of six books including Brave Women Write and her best-selling book The Purpose Project. She is a pioneer of purpose in Australia and her book has inspired countless individuals to pursue their purpose and make an impact. Brave Women Write is her most recent book. It’s a powerful call-to-action for women to harness the power of their words, to get writing and create personal and planetary change. As a river swimmer with a deep connection to nature,


Carolyn’s purpose is to write and share the stories that move us to remake the world.

Carolyn and I were speaking about this topic of women who were bravely showing up to share their ideas of how to make things better, through writing and publishing books. Our discussion sparked this idea of using the podcast to inspire more women to write.


There is no doubt we are experiencing a movement where many women are bravely showing up as protagonists of change in their industries. While this isn’t limited to women, my experience and that of most of my co-conspirators, is that more women are driving purpose-led change than men. Perhaps it comes from the need to rebalance growth and winning with nurturing and sharing. 

So today’s episode is dedicated to the many women who are showing up bravely, as well as those who want to do more to show up bravely. Brave Women Write is a celebration as well as an invitation. Hope you enjoy this episode. 


Some of the highlights:

  • Alice In Wonderland – an invitation to channel your inner “Alice” and go down that rabbit hole

  • The importance of curiosity in our lives and through our writing

  • The vital role of antagonists

  • How to overcome imposter syndrome

  • Being in the arena: Teddy Roosevelt and Brene Brown

  • The voices we can share and the role of our ancestors

  • Writing to connect to (and release) our deeper grief

  • How sharing our stories will remake our world

  • “Story Boxing”

  • Ideas on how to start writing and storytelling

  • An invitation to adventure

  • Why do we need to be protagonists?


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