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Posted on March 6th, 2023
Founder, Best Case Scenarios
Director, TechDiversity

Today’s guest is committed to empowering changemakers and shifting the technology landscape, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive space for all.

Luli Adeyemo is the Founder & Director of Sydney-based integrated marketing agency Best Case Scenario and has spent the last 30 years curating content for thought leadership conversations and campaigns in the technology sector.

In 2020, Luli was appointed the Director of not-for-profit foundation TechDiversity - an industry alliance committed to amplifying diversity awareness and achieving a culture of inclusion through conversation, collaboration, and action.

Luli’s personal purpose that has guided her career, is to break down barriers - including the language barriers synonymous with the tech world - to make it accessible to everyone. Her energy is absolutely infectious and I hope you love listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Luli’s impressive credentials also include:

Elected Council Member – Australian Information Industry

Active Member – WEConnect International

Activator - SheEO (now Coralus)


Themes we discuss in the interview include:

  • The importance of loving yourself and self-care

  • Luli’s career path, her experiences and realisations that inspired her to lead change, break down barriers and fight for equity and access within the tech industry

  • Her move to Australia with Gartner and how the lack of support she experienced led her to start her agency, Best Case Scenario (BCS)

  • Best Case Scenario’s journey from its origins to becoming a marketing agency and events company, to recognising their underlying purpose to “empower changemakers”

  • The impact that clarifying and articulating their purpose has had on Best Case Scenario, including recognising when they should walk away from a client opportunity

  • The dramatic cost of the pandemic to BCS and the wider events sector and how their purpose guided the team’s response to it, bucking the industry trend and taking them back to their roots; in the process, enabling them to rediscover their sizzle

  • Luli discusses TechDiversity Awards and their mission to make diversity & inclusion the #1 business priority in Australia.

  • She shares her pride in the creation of the TechDiversity Academy and we discuss the integration of Luli’s personal purpose, the purpose of Best Case Scenario and the purpose of TechDiversity

  • The technology industry having an identity crisis and the perceptions that need to change so we can diversify the technology workforce

  • The TechDiversity Awards Program and why they created the Tech for Good category

  • The importance of equity and understanding that it’s not about equality for everyone, but instead understanding people’s differences, to provide the same opportunity and access to all

  • TechDiversity’s vision for the industry, our wider workforce and society and what they’re doing to achieve it

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