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Posted on February 6th, 2023
CEO Scriibed and Banksia Academy

Today's guest Melanie Greblo’s driving purpose is to catalyse and lead positive impact. This has led her to become a founder and CEO of an innovative and highly impactful start-up, Scriibed and a not-for-profit organisation, Banksia Academy.

Scriibed combines the best in AI with a highly trained and skilled workforce delivering transcription-based services. Scriibed for HR offers automated meeting admin with a human touch.

They automatically capture, summarise and action important workplace meetings. Their highly trained and skilled human workforce ensures customer success whilst providing flexible and safe work opportunities to women survivors of domestic and family violence.

Scriibed and Banksia Academy share a Theory of Change to achieve long term financial independence for women victim survivors of domestic and family violence through full social and economic participation.

Melanie is an ideas synthesist and strategist with a proven record of achievement in business, social ventures, community engagement, and culture transformation with a deep commitment to diversity, inclusion, innovation and systemic social change. 

Her impressive career trajectory includes 

  • 7 years with the team at Impact Asia Pacific, where she curated the annual Impact Investment Summit and the region’s first Gender Lens Investment Summit. 

  • 10 years with The Coterie for Renewal, a global human development and learning community, which she founded in 2011

  • A number of prior roles leading social and not-for-profit organisations.

The business model behind Scribed and The Banksia Academy is one that I think listeners of this podcast will really appreciate because of the "Win-Win" outcomes it creates for multiple stakeholders.  Solving customer problems AND simultaneously serving societal needs by supporting vulnerable people, as well as supporting potential victims through workplaces. My hope is that this episode inspires listeners to continue to think differently and intelligently about what business can look like.


Themes we discuss include:

  • The tragic event early in her life that led to Melanie’s impact-led career path and how it shaped her thinking

  • Mel shares her career path through to the trigger that led her to starting Scriibed and the Banksia Academy, including the shocking statistic on the percentage of single mothers who are victims of domestic and family violence and the number of barriers that women survivors face

  • She explains how Scriibed works and the multi-layered value it offers organisations

  • The Theory of Change behind Scriibed and the Banksia Academy in breaking the cycle of women returning to violent relationships and leading to prevention of domestic violence

  • Melanie talks about the “need-want” overlap that attracts clients to the Scriibed solution

  • She outlines the two types of clients that Scriibed serves and the growing relevance of what they offer, given business needs around the ‘S’ of ESG and social procurement targets

  • She shares the shared value opportunity that Scriibed offers – supporting women in their workplace more broadly

  • We discuss the need for business solutions to be designed in a human centred way

  • How we are rewriting how and why we do business


Connect with Melanie

Melanie's email

Scriibed website 


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