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Posted on January 23rd, 2023
Chief Purpose Officer, Conspiracy Of Love;
Co-founder, Good Is The New Cool

Today’s guest is a leader of the global Purpose movement.

He’s also a best-selling Author. Visionary Founder. Inspiring Keynote Speaker.

Afdhel Aziz is on a mission to solve one of the biggest problems facing individuals and companies in the 21st century: how to find purpose and meaning in their work and unlock the enormous power of business to do good in the world.

He is the Founder and Chief Purpose Officer at Conspiracy of Love, a global purpose consultancy that works with Fortune 500 companies to help them grow their businesses by doing more good in the world. Conspiracy of Love is a proud Minority-Owned Business and Certified B Corp.


He is also the Co-Founder of Good is the New Cool, a creative company and content incubator focused on creating positive stories that fill the Hope Gap. Good is the New Cool produces books, podcasts, TV shows and a global conference series called GoodCon that has taken place in Los Angeles, London, Sydney and New York.


Afdhel is the co-author of the best-selling books 'Good is the New Cool: Market Like You A Give a Damn', and the follow-up ‘The Principles of Purpose, as well as writing 'The Power Of Purpose' column in Forbes.


He is also an internationally renowned keynote speaker who has been featured at the Cannes Lions, YPO, SXSW, Forbes CMO Summit, Advertising Week, Conscious Capitalism, and the Fast Company Innovation Festival. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and son.


I’m so excited to share this episode which explores some of the big questions around Purpose that listeners may have. I’ve been eager for this opportunity to get Afdhel to share his insights and experiences on Purpose globally and he doesn’t disappoint. I also seized the opportunity to exchange insights (where we discovered a lot of consistency) and to discuss some of the more critical challenges surrounding the purpose movement, particularly in Australia. The depth and breadth of Afdhel’s knowledge on this subject makes listening to every minute of this podcast worthy of your time.


Some of the themes we discussed included:

  • The secret to becoming a loved business/employer/brand

  • Afdhel highlights some of the work that Conspiracy of Love is doing with brands around the world

  • We discuss the growth of the Purpose movement globally and what has caused it; Afdhel shares some insights he’s uncovered through research he’s undertaken for his third book on Purpose (this one covers personal purpose)

  • We discuss Australia’s role in the Purpose movement and explore what is inhibiting big business in Australia from grasping the opportunity that purpose presents

  • Afdhel shares his view on the 4 C’s holding Australian business back

  • We discuss these 4C’s and other contributors, including 'fear'; and the role of boards. Link to an article Afdhel wrote on Five Mistakes Boards Make When Thinking About Purpose, for Forbes Magazine

  • Afdhel shares some Australian stats from a recent Porter Novelli study on the relationship between Purpose and Reputation in the minds of Australians

  • We exchange our (pretty consistent) thoughts on the different stages of Purpose

  • We have a great discussion on the power of purpose and the growth opportunity that so many traditionally-minded businesses are missing out on

  • We discuss the need for Purpose to start from the inside-out and why this is so important and Afdhel highlights Conspiracy of Love’s GPS to Purpose Methodology (Gifts, Passions, Service)

  • Afdhel shares some pearls of wisdom – advice for people within organisations who see the opportunity that purpose presents but are not sure about what action to take

Connect with Afdhel


Conspiracy Of Love website 

Good Is The New Cool website 

Good Is The New Cool on Instagram 


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