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EPISODE 27 - Yas
Posted on November 7th, 2022
Founder & Chief Evangelist of Circonomy, on being brave in being you

My guest today is Yas, Founder and Chief Evangelist of the award-winning circular economy enterprise, Circonomy.


An entrepreneur of impact and a circular economy pioneer in Australia, Yas recently closed a AU$4M equity capital raise to expand nationally, with Officeworks as a key investor and shareholder. 


Together, through expansion of re-use, repair, resource recovery and recommerce initiatives, Yas is thrilled to work with partners and investors to bring the next phase of growth, seeing her Circonomy vision come to life.


There are so many highlights in this interview that I think you’re going to love. Here’s just a taster of some of them:


  • The role of love in business opened up a whole stream of amazing themes and ideas, including 

    • Her belief that love is the next disruptor in business. Yas talks about love as a value and explains why it should be brought into the workplace

    • She shares a beautiful family story about love languages and how it inspired her to take love languages to the boardroom and what happened as a result (ref: Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages)

    • She also issues a challenge to listeners to understand your love languages and those you work with so you can build deeper professional relationships

    • From me-too to “be-too”; on loving yourself and the parts of yourself that are “too-much” – our strengths, superpowers, imperfections, faults and flaws; and finding yourself in the process

    • On building a movement around #Ilovemyself and the value of who you are vs what you do

    • Yas quotes author Dave Ramsey “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like”

  • Yas shares the origin story of Circonomy

    • How and why she started the World’s Biggest Garage Sale

    • Recognising the circular economy opportunity (a $4.5 trillion industry)

    • On partnering with Officeworks

    • On finding the energy of an idea in your “hut” (heart and gut)

    • On running the pilot event with Officeworks in March 2020

  • On being BRAVE (being raw authentic vulnerable everyday)

    • Understanding that when we have pain, instead of running away from it, working through it is how we grow - “when we work through the pain that is when we have the most gain”

    • On being true to yourself and defining your own narrative and showing up as the whole human that you are – not wasting human potential

    • When you align values, you create value – the foundation of great organisations


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