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James Grugeon
Posted on April 21, 2022
Founder of The Good Beer Co on Purposeful Partnerships

James started The Good Beer Co – Australia’s first social enterprise of its kind – to brew beer for good causes and inspire change by demonstrating what purpose-led businesses can achieve. In his 20+ year career, he’s been a change-maker, pioneering corporate social responsibility at a major banking group, helping build partnerships to lift one million UK homes out of energy poverty, helping grow a social enterprise that floated on the London Stock Exchange, negotiating ground-breaking, multi-million dollar partnerships to cut carbon emissions, creating a national Healthy Air Campaign as the CEO of a national environmental charity, and forming an alliance between a new green energy company and leading environmental organisations to generate over $3 million in funding. 


He’s also been named on Linkedin’s inaugural list of Top Green Voices in Australia and New Zealand, a curation of 15 must-follow thought leaders sharing their perspectives and passion for sustainability, climate change and protecting the environment. 


In this episode, James shares his background leading to where his focus now lies, through the lens of partnerships.


I think you’ll get so much value from listening to how James approaches product development and campaigns. I truly believe that any organisation leading with a higher purpose is compelled to think innovatively and to seek out strategic partnerships. It’s consistent with the ambitious nature of purposeful organisations to find collaborators that help them to build awareness and scale their impact. This interview is a masterclass in purposeful partnerships.


Here are some of the highlights:

  • Listen out for James’ response to my question – what is the role of love in inspiring purpose-led business? It’s a powerful response.

  • James shares his career progression and some of his achievements, from where he started in politics and media, through government, to corporate, to his activity today through The Good Beer Co

  • He shares the start-up story Great Barrier Beer in partnership with Australian Marine Conservation Society; along with partnering with Dan Murphys and BWS to trial the first ever biodegradable 6-pack packaging

  • We talk about the power of purpose to inspire richer, more meaningful conversations that build relationships that lead to purposeful partnerships

  • James tells us about The Good Beer Co’s upcoming campaign in the UK for Thank Brew, a limited edition Pale Ale created by breweries across the UK in partnership with Big Drop Brewing Co, celebrating Thank You Day, for the Queen’s Jubilee Weekend, with all profits going to support good causes

  • He also whets our appetite by sharing a little about a new local initiative in Australia in partnership with Sobah. due to launch later this year. A purpose-led business, Sobah exists to raise positive awareness and promote First Nations' culture, arts, language, and history. 


Connect with James


Twitter:                JamesGrugeon             


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