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Posted on March 21, 2022
Sustainability, ESG and Modern Slavery Expert and co-founder of Scertify

My guest on this episode is Carsten Primdal, a Sustainability, ESG and Modern Slavery Expert and co-founder of Scertify, an organisation merging tech and sustainability to drive impact, enabled by blockchain, AI and Machine Learning.


Carsten’s sustainability experience has been forged around the world, in Australia, Europe, China and Asia. He is the Author of two published books, “A Roadmap to Modern Slavery Compliance and a Sustainable Supply Chain” and  “Red Flag – Your Guide to Risk Management when Buying in China”, in which he shares his experience in sustainability risk mitigation.


Our interview covers his career and what led him to co-founding Scertify with two US-based business partners and launching the Competent Boards ESG Training Program.


Through this interview some of the topics we discuss are:

  • What ESG actually means

  • The relationship between ESG and Purpose

  • What the ESG Competent Boards Designation Program is

  • Who would get value from this program

  • Why the program is so important; particularly now

  • What participants can get out of the program


I think this is such good timing for a discussion about the role of Boards in ESG and Purpose. From my observation, many Boards appear to be on the back foot when it comes to these subjects. The simple fact is, Boards should be driving the Purpose and ESG agenda, rather than pondering how much of a priority it is given in the business’ strategy. 


The Competent Boards Program is such a valuable offering to business leaders today. Carsten has kindly offered a discount to listeners of this podcast. If you would like to take advantage of this discount, use the code FLAM when submitting your application online. You  can learn more about the program here




Scertify website


The MS Act came into effect on 1st Jan 2019 rather than 2020.
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