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Posted on February 21, 2022
Pam was Chief Marketing Officer, now Chief Operating Officer of Blooms The Chemist. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Pamela and the exceptional team who engaged in our Path To Purpose Program to discover, define and embed meaningful purpose into Blooms The Chemist.

While Blooms The Chemist is in the early stages of their purpose journey, I wanted to invite Pamela on the show to share the experience they have had in navigating their path to purpose so far. How it started, some of the surprises it has created and how it has changed the way she and the wider Blooms team think of their role as a business.


There are so many reasons leaders give for putting off starting the process of discovery and purpose strategy. My sincere wish is that this episode gives you the motivation to get started, in whatever way best works for your organisation. To not delay one day longer... If you’re a leader or influencer  in a  large or medium sized organisation trying to figure out how to get started and engage your wider team, this interview is a masterclass in purpose leadership. 


Here is some of what we get into in this interview where Pam generously lifts the lid on the process and Blooms The Chemist purpose-driven plans:


  • Pamela’s story of what drove her to lead the purpose development and strategy work for Blooms The Chemist

  • Blooms The Chemist’s Purpose and a bit of an insight into their purpose journey

  • Pamela’s belief of what purpose means to an organisation who are already showing a strong commitment to CSR and Community; and how it emerged as the missing piece for their brand

  • Some of the ways this purpose will impact the organisation’s approach to their own employees, around health and wellbeing 

  • Blooms The Chemist leadership team’s support and role in inviting even more ambition from the working group

  • The clarity that a clear purpose statement provides a business in where and how they invest their time and what initiatives they support

  • Pam shares some of the initiatives that have been driven by the company’s purpose that are in the pipeline

  • The challenges of bringing all stakeholders together behind the new purpose and the implications to the wider business

  • Pamela shares how they are navigating some of those key challenges, including how the inclusion of one simple word in their purpose statement was part of taking an inclusive approach to bringing all stakeholders on the journey

  • A reflection on the past 12-18 months for Blooms The Chemist’s work and plans in CSR, supply chain and modern slavery, purpose, alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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