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Posted on February 7, 2022
My guest on this episode of the podcast is James Bartle, the founding CEO of Outland Denim, a fashion company on the vanguard of the socially conscious manufacturing movement...

James is passionate about denim and the craft of jean manufacturing, but also the unique ability of the garment industry to drive change.  

Outland Denim employs young women seamstresses who’ve been impacted by human rights abuses and gives them a hope and a future through sustainable employment and career progression in their Cambodia-based production facilities.


This interview is packed with insights and inspiration. But honestly, the central theme to this interview is the power of love to create change. I dare you to listen to it and not be inspired to act.


I really hope you enjoy listening to this episode. Here are just some of the topics we covered...

  • James’ journey from freestyle motocross rider to CEO of Outland Denim

  • The power of love in business and how purpose gives you a superpower

  • How, by approaching the human sex trafficking industry as an economic problem, Outland Denim is empowering a cycle of freedom

  • The four pillar approach Outland Denim are taking to create social change in the lives of their employees

  • The power of consumerism and the opportunity for business

  • The investment challenges that social impact-led businesses are facing in Australia and the role of risk in holding back progress

  • The connection between tackling slavery and climate change

  • The Meghan Markle effect on Outland Denim and how celebrities are using their influence to drive change


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