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Posted on September 29, 2021
My guest on Episode 3 of the For Love & Money Podcast is Nina Mapson Bone. 

Nina is the Managing Director of Beaumont People, a specialised recruitment business that truly believes in “placing people first”. She is also President of the RCSA, the Recruitment Consulting and Staffing Association of Australia and New Zealand and she is Chair of the Development Committee for the NORTH Foundation, a charity which supports innovation in health research and patient care. 

Nina helps business leaders with their people problems and delights in bringing talented people together to drive value, build vision and realise opportunities.  


With extensive leadership experience, she has built and restructured high-performing teams with a focus on talent attraction and retention.


As a non-executive director and managing director, Nina understands the challenges and complexities of driving growth and ensuring a customer-first approach in large, diverse businesses that have multiple service lines. 

If you have a business problem, complex tactical challenges with your employees or organisational structure, you can be guaranteed that Nina has helped others navigate through similar issues.


Nina has an MA (Hons), is a Fellow for the RCSA (Recruitment Consulting and Staffing Association) and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Nina and I had a great discussion on Beaumont People’s purpose and how it has guided their actions before and during the pandemic and positioned them strongly for success. Some of the things we covered in this conversation include:

  • Nina’s personal purpose and how it inspires her in her work

  • Beaumont People’s purpose and how it inspired their investment in an Australian-first research initiative and the world’s first meaningful work profiling tool

  • How the GFC inspired an initiative to support Beaumont People’s people; that has gone onto become a big part of Beaumont People’s strategic success and enhanced their reputation and culture

  • The architecture of Beaumont People’s brand purpose positioning and how their ‘how’ contributes to their ‘why’ and shapes their decision lens

  • What the Australian research on meaningful work reveals about organisations in Australia and the expectations of Australian employees

  • How everyone’s path to meaningful work is unique and how understanding what it means to individuals and organisations can be game changing

  • The trap of assumptions around meaningful work

  • The psychological and sociological aspects of meaningful work

  • How Beaumont People’s purpose around meaningful work guided their actions during the initial stages of the pandemic and accelerated some of their longer term plans and positioned them for success

  • How purpose has reinvigorated the Beaumont People team

  • The balance between purpose and profit at Beaumont People


So many insights in this episode about “meaningful work” that I hope will challenge some assumptions and get people thinking more deeply about their work and the kind of meaningful work that can be offered through organisations.


Contact Nina


Beaumont People Website


Explore the Meaningful Work Research and Profiling Tool

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