A 45-minute strategy session where we'll cover the following:

  1. Your Business Challenges: 

Gain an understanding of how CV-19 is impacting your current business situation - your people, sales and marketing. This enables us to discuss your Path to Purpose roadmap within the context of your current reality.


2. Your Path To Purpose options:

If it's appropriate, we'll then share the resources, workshops and program options we have available. We've been working hard to make these available online, with a range of formats and price-points; ensuring they deliver as much value as the 'live' versions do. 


3. Your Questions

The last part of the session will be dedicated to answering your questions and helping you identify the best solutions for your needs. If relevant, we'll then agree any next steps.

The overall outcome of the session for you is clarity on whether a Purpose strategy will deliver value to your organisation. And if so, how you might approach it.



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