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Our Story

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A 30 year intn’l career in the ad agency world gave me the opportunity to work with many of the world’s best brands. Yet having been brought up with a strong social conscience, my career was at odds with my values. When I first discovered cause marketing and then Social Purpose, I realised I didn’t need to live with a foot in two worlds. I wrote my book, “Path To Purpose”, Australia’s first book on cause marketing and social purpose and pivoted from my agency into a consultancy specialising in social purpose strategies.

Today, helping businesses do well by doing good is my niche. I have a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t. And I work with like-minded partners who are also experts in their field. My vision for the future is simple: brands drive profit through purpose; business and marketing become a force for good. We’re on a mission to make Social Purpose a vital part of business.

This approach to business connects with people in such a powerful way. The leaders I work with feel the same way I do. They want more. They want business success but they also want it to be meaningful. They sense the opportunity for their business to do more for their people and their communities - and they’re grasping it. 

Today business offers extraordinary opportunities. Those leading with an authentic social purpose are thriving. If this resonates with you, come and join us. The time is now and our best is yet to come.

Carolyn Butler-Madden

Founder - The Cause Effect
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