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Find Your Social Purpose Sweet Spot

4 week, ONLINE program.

Formats: INDIVIDUAL business + small GROUP business formats

This program is modelled on our successful "Find Your Social Purpose Sweetspot” half day workshop, originally designed for a single company’s leadership team.


The new GROUP ONLINE PROGRAM format gives access to this workshop to SME business founders and leaders, so they can identify a strategically aligned social purpose for their business.

Through this workshop we identify potential social purpose areas that strategically align with your brand and that offer a strong  foundation for brand  differentiation, employee engagement and social impact.


Working with your leadership team, this workshop prepares the foundations for developing a Social Purpose strategy.


Full details provided on registration of interest.

Number of participants strictly limited. 

Path To Purpose Online Program

24 week, ONLINE program

Formats: INDIVIDUAL business + small GROUP business formats

Our Path to Purpose Program™ delivers on our unique 6-step methodology. It provides the essential strategic foundations to creating a credible and authentic social purpose for your brand and business and puts your brand on a direct path to purpose:

Register your interest....

Register your interest....




We offer support options for clients who have implemented our Brand Purpose Foundations workshops or the Path To Purpose Program™ and who seek on-going advice or oversight of their program.


We aim to gain an understanding of how CV-19 is impacting your current business situation - your people, sales and marketing. We will then address your questions and help you identify the best solutions for your needs. If relevant, we'll then agree any next steps.


For interest in our live Workshops, Programs or offerings during or post COVID-19 please get in touch

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